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Michie Corporation produces a wide variety of bridge applications to meet even the most demanding site conditions. Whether large or small scale Infrastructures, Michie Corporation’s trained staff can get the job done right.

Precast bridge components drastically cut construction time because bridge components are delivered to the job site ready to install. No time consuming delays waiting for poured in place product to properly cure. This minimizes road closures, onsite labor, and overall costs to your project. Precast bridges can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes alternative options. When getting the job done fast and efficiently is your goal, Michie Corporation’s precast bridges are the solution.

Michie Corporation’s Precast Bridges offer many advantages:

  • Savings and safety from fabrication to delivery.  Shorter project schedules and faster jobsite turnaround.
  • Delivery to your site, ready for installation.  Shorter installation times equal direct cost savings, minimal site disruption, and immediate usability.
  • All components are precast in controlled plant conditions. Highest quality and fastest schedule available and compliant with AASHTO specifications.
  • Engineered assembly drawings, stamped and signed by a professional engineer registered in your state.
  • Precast bridge footings, providing a fast and stable foundation.

With these advantages, we will meet your scheduling demands.

Michie Corporation’s Precast Bridges give you a plant-built, NPCA (National Precast Concrete Association) quality controlled product that eliminates many of the complications and safety concerns of site-built bridges. With a variety of designs ranging from curved ArchCon Bridges, natural stream bed three sided Rigid Frames, or flat Bridge Planks and Decks Beams we can meet your structural and architectural needs. We also offer options such as precast bridge footings, wingwalls, curbwalls, even architectural from liner finishes.

A customized bridge solution gives your project life.



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