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Michie Corporation produces a wide variety of Box Culverts to meet any construction needs. With superior strength and durability, precast Box Culverts provide a versatile and economical alternative to the cast-in-place concrete bridge. Compared to cast-in-place alternatives, precast Box Culverts are quicker to install, requiring less man power. With product being delivered at full design strength there's no need to wait for cure time, resulting in overall savings for the contractors, as well as a faster overall jobsite turnaround. Custom built to meet your needs, with a wide range of sizes available and designs like the skewed end section; the single box is a solution for even the most challenging site conditions. For basic large water volume scenarios or projects with height restrictions, even tunnels, pedestrian walkways and underground water retention ponds, the versatile box culvert has infinite possibilities. When compared to other systems like steel or poured-in-place concrete, precast offers advantages in both performance and installation speed. Michie Corporation offers a variety of standard box culverts as well custom designs. Additional features can include but are not limited to: toe walls, headwalls, manhole openings, wingwalls, pipe openings, V‑bottoms, river rock form lined bottoms, sloped‑faced ends, and water tight joints. Optional exterior coatings can also be applied at the plant reducing onsite construction. Michie Corporation’s Box Culverts can be produced in almost any size, (limited only by applicable DOT transportation weight limits). All boxes are designed and engineered to your specific loading requirements meeting ASTM and AASHTO standards. Box Culverts can be designed in single cell, dual cell, split 2 piece designs, with removable covers, or stacked alongside each other to increase flow. Special form liners can be used inside the culverts to better mirror natural river rock, or baffles can be cast into each culvert to hold natural stone.

Wingwall designs include cantilevered, MSE, gravity, or anchored style wings. Headwall and wingwall options can also include aesthetic form liners to better blend into the local landscape. If your jobsite has specific weight constraints, culverts can be cast in 2 piece sections for easier placement with excavators or small cranes. Head walls can also be designed as removable bolt down items further reducing piece weights.


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