Michie Corporation History


Michie Corporation was founded by Stuart and Alan Michie in 1974 under the name of Henniker Redi-Mix. They started out with a five and half yard batch plant that had three 150 ton storage bins for aggregate and an 850 barrel cement silo. There were three mixer trucks and two employees. In the fall of 1974, Stuart and Alan purchased another truck which enabled them to haul their own aggregate.


Michie's first substantial job, the Henniker sewer system, was contracted in 1975. This job required concrete to meet both state and federal specifications. Since that time they have poured concrete for the Warner sewer system, a GTE Sylvania addition, Terrill Park in Concord, additions to Capital Distributors in Concord, numerous additions to Timco Inc. in Barnstead, a new manufacturing facility for Henniker Hardwood Pallet in Henniker, and many other NH state jobs. Michie Corporation poured various bridge footings, walls and decks for the new bypass in Hillsboro, NH.


In 1977, Henniker Redi-Mix was one of the first concrete companies to start hauling bulk cement to reduce construction costs. For many years all of their cement was hauled to Henniker Redi-Mix with their own equipment from various cement companies in Canada and the United States. Michie Corporation uses its own trucks to haul some of their cement. As business increased, the company expanded to incorporate Epsom Redi-Mix, Construction Aggregates, and Capital Concrete. Epsom Redi-Mix established in 1977 was the first addition to Henniker Redi-Mix.


Epsom Redi-Mix provided another significant base away from the Henniker plant from which concrete could be delivered. In 1983 Construction Aggregates (Con-Agg) was established. Con-Agg, also located in Henniker, was started to provide the necessary aggregates to produce concrete. In addition, it encompassed two divisions: Sand & Stone and Excavation.


The company continued to do well experiencing consistent growth, and in 1987 a Boscawen plant (no longer owned by Michie) was built, referred to as Capital Concrete. Originally this plant was used for production of Redi-Mix concrete. In 1988 precast concrete products became a integral part of the business and Capital Concrete was the main base for these products.


In 1990, it was decided to merge all of the companies under the one name of Michie Corporation. Under the name Michie Corporation, the company was then divided into four divisions: Redi-Mix, Sand & Stone, Excavation, and Precast. Today, there are three different plants, two in Henniker and one in Epsom. The main facility is located at 173 Buxton Industrial Drive in Henniker. The current owners of Michie Corporation are Alan and Pamela Michie.